Module 8

Marketing Spotter Bottles That Bring You More Clients

The Special Spotter Bottle That Will Bring You More Carpet
Cleaning Clients and Keep The Ones You Have Very Loyal


Download the details for the Stickers

Download the note to leave with a bottle of spotter at any home where they don’t answer the door

The place U purchased the chemical that I used in the bottles of spotter is called Chemical Cleaning Solutions. The owner is Terry Smith. Website is Phone 1300 722 435.

The chemical is called ULTIMATE.
This is a link to their exact page where they sell the ultimate CLICK HERE

I spoke with Terry today as one of the members here asked me about the MSDS sheet for this product. Terry said every first order by a new customer automatically includes a copy of the MSDS sheets for each item.

I recommend you use a $29.95 price point to sell the bottles and not a cent less. Use 750mls bottles preferably as it gives a sense of giving more.

Here’s where you can purchase the Bottles and Triggers very cheap:
The exact page for the bottles is –
The exact page for the triggers is –