Module 7

Use this Marketing Letter To Attract Residential Clients

There are 6 letters in total. A 3 letter sequence that you use for residential and 3 slightly edited letters you will use for commercial clients.

Once you know the potential client has the first one but have not called you and it’s been seven days you will send the second letter. Same for the third letter. Try not to leave it to long of the letters will not be as affective.

Make sure you always attach a plastic gift card to the letter using a paperclip…

The direct link to Gorilla Print in Melbourne where we have the plastic cards made is

I recommend getting a minimum of two batches made… One for residential clients at no less than $55 but more if you charge more per room. I use to charge $68 per room when I was cleaning carpets so I would use a $70 gift card for my residential clients.

For commercial clients, I would use no less than a $100 gift card.

With my high paying clients, I have them utilise two different amounts on gift cards for commercial jobs as there are large and small commercial jobs. For small jobs of $1,000 or less, we send them a $100 gift card. For jobs that are potentially worth $1,500 or more, we will send a $250 gift card.

The gift cards look something like the three images below but can be made in any way as long as the message is clear, on a plastic card that looks and feels just like a credit or debit card.

A huge thank you to Daniel Phelps from SMS Cleaning
for allowing us to see the plastic card he has made up… See below.